A letter to UT Transfer Students - Writing for PR

 Dear Transfer Student, 

Welcome to the University of Tampa! Be proud of this great accomplishment. UTampa will the place to support your present and future successes. 

Your choice in higher education should be fulfilling to you and your goals. UTampa will provide you with the knowledge to be a competitive player in your field. However, your experience will be of greater value than that of a decimal point GPA. 

Take every lesson on with 100% effort. Do not be afraid to be the only one taking notes. By the end of the semester, everyone else will be asking for them. Your hard work will pay off and will ultimately cause you less distress.

Your procrastination is not just a face and you know it. You’ve tested your luck this far and the consequences have been anxiety-inducing. So, please please give yourself more than 48 hours to finish your assignments. They are not a one size fits all scenario. 

Your physical appearance will not improve how you transduce your notes. But, feeling confident in yourself will 100% make the experience more enjoyable and more likely to attend and remain an active participant of your group. Be careful to lose yourself trying to keep up with others. Each student carries their life differently and your priorities may not allow for you to as indulgent as others.  

It will be normal to be an outsider. Along the way, you will find that your schoolmates are not as different as you perceive them. You will find that they will not look at your social anxiety as a fault but in fact a quirk. 

Days will come when your low and the stay-at-home option seems the most appealing. Don’t! Go to class and be the one that makes the difference. It will be to your benefit overall all. 

Finally, take all that those who care enough will spare. Those extra fifteen minutes of advice from a great professor will benefit you 15 years into your future.




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