The Bare Necessities - Writing for PR


Hello Friends! 

Last spring I left the comfort of my hometown’s college and during my first week at UT I learned a few things. 

The first thing is first - get comfortable shoes. Sandals are cute and are great for summer. However, UT’s campus is wide and when walking across campus at 10:00 p.m your flight or fight response will appreciate sensible shoes. Don’t even get me started on when it rains and you have to sit through a three-hour class with soaked sandals and cold feet. 

Consider your bag of choice carefully. Totes will bruise your shoulders and fill up quickly feeling bulky and heavy. While backpacks are the most convenient choice they can become heavy quickly. My best recommendation is a slightly structured but lightweight backpack with a water bottle pocket. 

Your computer will be your everything - so make sure it is in working order! This is not a recommendation to go out and bankrupt yourself on a 2k device. Just make sure your device is able to run the programs your major requires. Don’t be like me and run out of RAM in the middle of your Digital Media course. 

Have your student ID at hand. When I arrived at UT I was oblivious to the importance of that tiny card. More than a few times I found myself locked out of the Cass Bldg hoping someone would open the door or walk-in. 

Umbrellas are often overlooked. Particularly here in Florida, a bright and sunny day can turn into a storm within the same time it takes for you to walk from one class to another. I am not recommending a 68 in. RainStopper but something that can be popped into your bag. 

Google Drive is your Friend but study with handwritten notes. Semester after semester professors makes known their dislike for typed notes. You are more likely to grasp the concept of study if you handwrite your notes. My tip if you wish to type up your notes is to handwrite key points before an exam. 

When creating your schedule consider working on your mental health. By this I mean do not overbook yourself, there is no way to remain sane with no sleep. Therefore, if you have a late class on Tuesday, don’t sign up for an 8:00 a.m class Wednesdays. An additional tip: work your job schedule around your classes, not the other way around. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to be social. I understand that you might feel like the odd one out at the beginning but making connections will benefit you in the future. So, save the numbers of your group members.



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