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In the mids of a pandemic there is plenty of time to invest in our hobbies. 
Kyle Casper is a 22 year old, St. Petersburg native who has taken advantage of alluded down time to prepare his 1993 Nissan 240sx for a summer showing that will be happening July 5th. 

Recapping the almost one year "in the works", Mr. Casper has replaced the vehicle's body kit, color and finished an entire engine swap. Taking the stock KA engine out and replacing it with a SR20DET.  The build required Mr. Casper to replace almost every single piece of the engine in order bring it to par, along with the addition of a turbo and welded dift.

Casper is a third generation car enthusiast following in his father's footsteps as a mechanic. The vehicle has been in Mr. Casper's possession for the last two years. Since acquiring it the vehicle has received multiple make-overs. Prior to being pink the car was better recognized for it's signature "sea mist" teal. 

May 31 - The 1993 model was originally red. The owner completes the bright pink wrap just in time to display the vehicle. 

May 31 - Kyle Casper sits on the hood of his 240sx. Casper pursue's his interest in the automotive field while working as tech for a franchise

May 31 - The open yard of Casper's family home offers a perfect spot to work. The vehicle is driving daily, meaning it is no stranger to the elements.

May 27 - After suffering from a broken power steering line, we see Mr. Casper above cleaning of the line before replacing it. Small casualties such as this one can keep a show ready car from leaving the drive way. 

May 27 - The uneven Florida terrain works as Mr. Casper's shop floor. Careful planning is in order to safely jack the vehicle off the ground. 

May 27 - Due to the vehicle's wheel camber and lowered frame hoisting it onto jack stands is different than a normal car. Above Mr. Casper can be seen with a 2x4 at his side. 

May 27 - With the assistance of  floor jacks and stands Mr. Casper works to remove the broken line. Due to the vehicle's additional weight two floor jacks and two stands are in use.

May 27 - Mr. Casper exams the broken fluid line while preparing the new one in order to avoid any future hiccups. With a vehicle of this age up-keep is a regular occurrence.

May 31 - The 240sx stock frame is embellished by VIS side skirts. Made out of flexible material the side skirts are more durable to wear such as being on a track or daily drives.  

May 31 - The front and back bumpers of the car are light weight KBD bumpers. Due to the flexible rubber like material the chances physical damage such as cracks on the bottom front bumper are almost impossible. 

May 31 - The vehicle's interior is protected by a suede DashMat. As explained by Casper, it will protect the dashboard from cracking, a very common occurrence with vehicles of this model. 

May 31 - After almost 30 years on the road the vehicle has seen many paint jobs. Visible above is the blue shade the previous owner drove. 

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