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Hello Friends! 

My grandparents married on Saturday December 10, 1966. 

In the mid of Cuban "winter" they visit Hotel Jagua for their honeymoon. La Jagua is located in Cienfuegos, and according to current Google reviews it ranks 4-Stars so if anyone is interested it has an outdoor pool and pretty decent rooms.

I digress from my topic though, my grandparents honeymoon. After dating for a couple years and enduring a revolution they finally married at Great-Grandparents finca and finally went on their first non-chaperoned date. 

Ages: 29, Grandpa & 21, Grandma.

The images have endured just as much as their relationship. 
54 years, a move to a new country and a death. 
My hope is that I can restore them to show my grandfather and hopefully restore a great memory for him as he no longer has his long-time companion by his side. 

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